Welcome Everyone!

Club Mission Statement:

To meet with local photographers of all levels of experience once a month to promote the enjoyment and love of capturing memories for oneself or sharing with others.

To share the knowledge and experience levels with all member of the club. To teach new techniques and processes to all to be able to better ones abilities and understanding of photography.

To take the knowledge and put to practical use through club outings and share with other members of the club and public through friendly contests and public displays.

To promote photography in the community by helping with community projects through the use of photographs.

Most of all have fun making works of art through photography and capturing memories with people sharing the same love of photography.

Introduce current board members and announce open positions.

President: Douglas Keck

Vice President: Kim Kravitz (Vacant after February)

Secretary: (Vacant)

Treasurer: Chris Nelson

Contest Chairman: John Henry

Keeper of the Gallery: (Vacant)



Volunteers for helping on the on the committee

Becky Brubaker volunteered to assume position of Club Secretary.

Linda Hupp & Carolynn Sulhoff volunteered to assumed a "Team Position" as Keeper of The Gallery.

President called for an immediate Club Vote and nominations accepted.

Outgoing Representatives will need to transition all items to new Representatives.

After transition of duties club board will consider this closed business.

JudgingThemes: In an effort to decrease the amount of Ties each month Club Members will now vote on 1 Picture per contest.

Highest Number of Votes will receive 1st place,

Second Highest will receive 2nd Place

3rd Highest will receive 3rd Place.

Club took a vote. This business is considered closed and can be reopened at any time.

Vice President: No Additional notes

Contest Chairman: Requests Volunteers for Print Competition Categories.

Volunteers are Linda Hupp, Vasu Natarajan, and Ken Fendler. Thank you for Volunteering!


Account Balance as of January 2017

Discuss details about the new website

Login and Registration

Perks of the website

Technical Discussion Presentation: Motion in Photography: by Kim Kravitz

Meeting Wrap Up

Vote on contest entries for theme "Holidays'


Announce winners

January 1st Place Photograph by Vasudevan Natarajan January 3rd Place Photograph by Vasudevan Nataeajan

January 2nd Place Photograph by Mary Stewart  January 3rd Place Photograph by Mary Stewart

January 3rd Place Photograph by Jan Halgrim January 3rd Place Photograph by Jan Halgrim

Theme for February Contest is "Motion"