Feb 6, 2018, 10:14 AM
Meeting Minutes January 23, 2018 The Bella Vista/Bentonville Photography Club met January 23, 2018 at Hometown Bank in Jane, Missouri for their regular monthly meeting. Online membership enrollment for 2018 is available online on the club’s social media pages. Dues were collected this evening for those who had enrolled prior to the meeting. 2018 Membership Guides developed by the club’s Board were passed out to members by John Huse. Doug Keck, President, opened the meeting by introducing the 2018 Board members: John White, Vice-President; John Huse, Contest Chair; Christopher Nelson, Treasurer; Kelly Harrison Story Ballard, Social Media Web Master; and Rebecca Brubaker, Secretary/Keeper of the Gallery. Doug opened up nominations for Board President and informed the club that he is willing to serve another year. No nominations. Doug will serve another year as President. Doug reviewed the Membership Book with the group and discussed the monthly contests and the Fall Contest in detail. A presentation on “Night Photography” was presented by Doug. He reviewed camera settings for photographing the moon and gave tips on how to make our moon shots better which included: shooting on manual, using a tripod, not using a slow shutter speed, using a telephoto lens, using a cable release, not using a filter of any kind, F stop around 11, turning off the image stabilization, and practice, practice, practice. He introduced the group to the free Star Stax software available on the internet and demonstrated how to use the program with examples of his own work in Star Stax. He introduced the group to the stacking process in Photoshop as well. During this presentation, he discussed camera settings for lightning photography and best practices when shooting lightning. This month’s photography contest category was “Holidays”. Kelly Harrison Story Ballard won first place, Jan Halgrim - second place, and Jeannene White - third place. Congratulations winners! A group photography event will be scheduled in the next couple of weeks during which members will have the opportunity to participate in a demonstration of “fire and steel wool” photography. The date will be announced on the club’s Facebook page.